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Pressure Treated Lap Panels

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Pressure Treated Lap Panels

Lap Panels are the most popular, traditional, flat-top fence. It is very functional, can be used in any location and offers complete privacy. Waney Lap Panels are constructed from horizontal over-lapping slats and framed with battens and come complete with a capping rail. They have been treated with Osmose Celcure preservative under vacuum/pressure process for added durability (also available in Dip Treated!)

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6′ (1.8m) Wide Lap Panels

3′ (0.9)m) high = £23.00

4′ (1.2m) high = £24.30

5′ (1.5m) high = £26.50

6′ (1.8m) high = £27.30

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