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Air Dried Hardwood Logs

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Air Dried Hardwood Logs

A mixed bag of hardwood split logs Beech, Birch and Ash a great combination of timbers that will give you a long lasting glow as well as a good heat output

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Hardwood Logs


£135.00 per 1.2m3 bulk bag


Prices include VAT and are subject to change at short notice, trade prices are available upon request


  • Only the highest quality of logs are selected to be split before being air dried

  • Prevents build-up of soot or tar in your chimney/flue, giving you the ultimate clean burn

  • Consisting of a fantastic mixture of timber including Beech, Birch and Ash meaning you get a longer lasting glow

  • Because you get such a high heat output, you will actually need less logs, thus giving you excellent value for money!



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