The Forester is a traditional five bar diagonal braced gate which is good value for a fully planed pressure treated gate. Its design features a domed top bar with superior hanging stile with mortice and tenon joints and diagonal braces. These are morticed into the top bar providing maximum strength and stability.Available from stock in Scandinavian kiln dried softwood which is pressure treated for durability, the Forester is available in both left and right hand hanging.

Standard sizes range from 3’ (0.915m) to 12’ (3.66m) wide with a height of 3’7” (1.09m) to the top of the top rail.

Recommended Hinges:

Gate width: 3’ – 4’ (0.915m – 1.22m) – 12” adjustable field gate hinge set
Gate width: 5’ – 8’ (1.525m –2.44m) – 18” adjustable field gate hinge set
Gate width: 9’ – 12’ (2.74m – 3.66m) – 24” adjustable field gate hinge set

When hanging two gates as a pair it is advised that a drop bolt is fitted on each gate plus a loop over latch