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Featheredge Fencing Boards

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Featheredge Fencing Boards

Featheredge fencing can be used in domestic or commercial situations. A featheredge fence 1.8m high can offer complete privacy and the security desired in domestic situations. A featheredge fence can be constructed relatively easily using a variety of methods

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Featheredge Fencing Boards (125mm x 22mm)

3′ (900mm) = 72p

3’6″ (1050mm) = 84p

4′ (1.2m) = 96p

4’6 (1.35m) = £1.08

5′ (1.5m) = £1.15

5’6 (1.65m) = £1.20

6′ (1.8m) = £1.31

8′ (2.4m) = £1.85

Featheredge Fencing Boards (150mm x 22mm)

12′ (3.6m) = £3.48

Featheredge Fence Calculator
125mm x 22mm
Featheredge Fence Calculator
150mm x 22mm

We stock the posts, rails and gravel boards too! We can also supply machined posts to make the job slightly easier still, whether you require recessed, morticed or v-notched

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