The Equestrian is our tallest gate within our five bar gate range at 5’ high, with a heavy duty top and bottom rail as standard. This robust gate is ideal for equestrian use. The Equestrian has a universal design which allows it to be hung from either end and has a straight domed top bar assembled by traditional mortice and tenon joints, to both equally sized stiles. This is supported by a robust diamond bracing, with vertical pales for extra strength.

The equestrian is fully planed to ensure a smooth attractive finish.The Equestrian is made to order, available in selected slow grown scandinavian kiln dried softwood which is pressure treated for durability.

Standard sizes range from 3’ (0.915m) to 12’ (3.66m) wide with a standard height of 5’ (1.52m) to the top of the stile.

Recommended Hinges:

Gate width: 3’ – 4’ (0.915m – 1.22m) – 12” adjustable field gate hinge set
Gate width: 5’ – 8’ (1.525m –2.44m) – 18” adjustable field gate hinge set
Gate width: 9’ – 12’ (2.74m – 3.66m) – 24” adjustable field gate hinge set

When hanging two gates as a pair it is advised that a drop bolt is fitted on each gate plus a loop over latch