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C16/24 Construction grade Joists

//C16/24 Construction grade Joists

C16/24 Construction grade Joists

Softwoods are the most frequently-used timbers for load bearing. In order to comply with the Building Regulations they must always be strength graded: they are then usually put into a Strength Class. In the UK, softwoods are graded visually, in accordance with BS 4978:2007, or by machine to EN 14081:2005.

C16/C24 timber is pressure treated to protect the wood against rot & machined with eased edges ensuring each length is gauged and of uniform size making the job on site easier. Less splinters and a more precise finish.



Imperial       Nominal Size            Lengths held in stock

2″ x 2″         47mm x 50mm            3.6m  £5.04

2″ x 3″         47mm x 75mm            3.6m  £6.87    4.8m  £9.16

2″ x 4″         47mm x 100mm         3.6m   £9.16    4.2m  £10.70      4.8m  £12.20

2″ x 5″          47mm x 125mm          3.6m  £11.45

2″ x 6″         47mm x 150mm          3.6m  £13.82   4.2m £16.14      4.8m £18.31    5.4m £19.50

2″ x 7″           47mm x 150mm         4.8m  £21.36

2″ x 8″         47mm x 200mm         3.6m  £18.31    4.8m   £24.41     5.4m  £28.80


All prices include VAT. Bulk and Trade prices are also available.