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Firewood – Fresh sawn off cuts

///Firewood – Fresh sawn off cuts

Firewood – Fresh sawn off cuts

£49 per 1.2m3 bulk bag   – Fresh sawn softwood is available all year round


All prices include VAT. bulk prices also available.



Softwood Sawmill Offcuts


  • Freshly cut offcuts straight from the Charltons Sawmill – generally in smaller blocks meaning you get more volume of firewood per bag!*
  • Having a slightly higher moisture content (around 30-35%) means you get a slower burn


  • However if you buy them in advance giving them time to dry, their value for money will quickly increase!


  • Being fresh offcuts from our Sawmill means we have plenty available so there’s no limit on how much you can buy – see our pricelists for more info and ask a member of the team about delivery