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Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil

///Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil

Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil

  • 3 in 1 prepares, colours and enhances.
  • Added wax for superior water repellence.

Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil is a high performance treatment for teak and other hardwood. It has a special formulation that provides longer lasting protection than traditional Teak Oil and works in 3 ways.

  • Waxes increase the water repellency of the wood protecting it from the weather.
  • Oils penetrate to replace the natural oils lost through weathering.
  • The natural clear or lightly tinted colours enhance the grain pattern and appearance.

Regular application will help prevent the wood from greying and maintain the original appearance of your garden furniture.

Stocked 1ltr


How much do you need?

1L covers up to 24m² in 1 coat.

Coverage can vary depending on application method and the condition and nature of the surface.

Usage guide


Apply 2 light coats with a brush or rag, allowing the first coat to penetrate the wood before applying a second coat. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.


24 hours. Drying times can vary depending on the nature of the surface and the weather conditions.


Remove as much oil as possible from equipment before cleaning with water. Do not use or store in extremes of temperature or wet conditions.